"LoCul", an amalgamation of Location and Culture - showcasing the Silicon city of India to our guests. Our hostel provides a unique experience and speaks to the cultural soul of travelers. The hostel sleeps 30 people and has a weekly calendar of activities that bring alive our cities, our theaters of life. 


Creating an atmosphere to tell our guests what Bangalore was and, what Bengaluru is. We pit these 2 fantastic eras of the city against each other and let our guests decide which Bangalore (or Bengaluru) they prefer.


We want our guests running their Instagram fingers whilst exploring - Check out our Instagram feed below


Included in the price is free breakfast (Yes, every single day!) that includes local fare at our shared open kitchen. Wooing our guests with the numerous functional areas in the property. Guests can get a Yoga session or lounge at our library. Our family of loving staff can provide the best stories and recommendations and try to teach our guests basic Kannada language.


Come be a LoCul!

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